Many youths are crazy when it comes to the type of dress to put on during their marriage ceremony. While there may be no controversy over the engagement wears, lots of discussions abound over the wears on the marriage day. During the period of our own parents, they were satisfied with the current locally sewn clothes suitable for different cultures to which the bride and the groom belong. For example, Yorubas put on Iro and buba that is the customary wrapper and top blouse, the Igbos, put on their own George wrapper and top, similarly the Hausas put on theirs as well. Today, after the traditional, we now go shopping for the white wedding gown. We imitate the white people without trying to understand the implications of the clothes. The gown’s colour is significant and this we care less to think about. The white coloured gown implies the bride is innocent, that is, pure; not yet exposed to sex. In other words, she is a  virgin. To my astonishment, a 7 month old pregnant lady still goes ahead to put on the white gown and matches majestically to the altar to be joined to the  father of the expected baby.What a dance of shame? Such brides could as well go for a yellow or pink colour if she must by all means put on a gown. By the way, what prevents such from using the local cultural wear for the occasion? In your own opinion does this make a difference to the marriage so contracted?

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