Making use of our senses is a great blessing. God as a master builder has endowed each individual with five senses-These are touch, smell, taste,sight and hearing. You can experience pain. heat, cold or feel something sticky or sharp through your sense of touch. Then, nerves on your skin sends message to your brain about what you are experiencing.Each of the senses are equally important They all work together to feed us with information from the surrounding environment. Although they work together, each performs vital functions These five senses are the gates through which we absorb information, react to it and act on the information in the cannot be unprofitable, useless or lazy when and if we use our senses well. Taking for example our sense of smell.We perceive different smell through our nose. We could sense danger, or threat in an environment with bad smell and we seek to do something to address such by taking a practical or a proactive step. Working on better sanitation, or condoling the environment in case of gas producing plant, or burning off are some good steps that could be taken.  Avoidance is another way to address it though negative, it may be the only thing positive to do when the resource or personnel needed for better action is lacking.  How do you use your senses?