A long time ago, there was a great wedding to take place in a particular city. Many people were invited, but noticeably,ten friends were specially  invited for this great wedding. The ten friends were given all needed information, resources and direction to get them to this occasion. For about three to six months they were preparing and looking forward to the great event. Finally, the day came and they all set out for the journey. They trekked all day to get themselves to the city because there were no cars invented then.They were tired and worn out. Before long, they slept off because the groom was yet at a far distance. They slept very deep and far into the night when all of a sudden, there was a cry all around about the arrival of the bride groom. Very much afraid having slept for so long, they quickly rose up from their sleep but alas, it was very dark; then they all remembered they came each with a lamp. Although they all had a lamp each, only five remembered to take along extra oil for the lamp. The five without extra oil quickly went to ask for oil from those with extra oil but they were disappointed why?  They told them they had extra only for personal use and they were told to go and buy outside. The five friends with extra oil quickly trimmed their lamp and went out to meet the bridegroom.  While the other five went out looking for oil, the bride groom arrived and the five entered in with him and the door was shot behind them. Later, the five friends came back but the door had  been locked. They knocked the door but thee bride groom denied knowing them. That was the case with the five foolish virgins who went out to a wedding feast with lamps without extra oil jar. How watchful are you for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ the bride groom? He is coming back soon and may you not be found unprepared.