It was a fateful day, when we all woke up and everybody in a high spirit were getting  ready to go to service. We all had a hectic  Saturday night full of activities because it was a grand ma’s burial. Are you ready? sounded an echo from my husband. Just a minute, i responded. Sooner, the baby in the house was about the last to get out of the house. She said mummy where is the door’s key? Get it from the hanger i responded. It’s not there can you come and help look for it? Okay Daughter. Off i retreated from the car where i was already seated for it was just about 10mins to the start of the service and we needed at list a 5mins drive to be on time for service. Lo and behold, the key was no where to be found. Well just close the door and off we go to the church. However, the 5mins drive was full of accusation you must be the last to use the key dad said to mum. No, you are. that is not true, you are the one etc. However, other alternatives were sought on occasions when we all needed to go out together. About two weeks later, the key was found firmly tucked in the pocket of …. Apology has to be made and received. Never allow inanimate object destroy your joy.