A journey of a thousand years, they say, start with a step. My over 28 years journey into teaching started like a child’s play with a one year teaching job at Alafia Institute Primary school, Mokola, Ibadan on August 1, 1979. This was a posting after my one year post-secondary School training as a Grade II teacher at Ilorin Teachers’ College, kwara state.
While I was rounding off my secondary Schooling at Saki Baptist High School, teaching never crossed my mind as a profession where I could spend more than half of my life as at my retirement date. Then, many of us were very ambitious and looked down on teaching as a profession for the intellectually weak. Our minds were closed against it that we could not see anything in it to appeal to our passion….this is an extract from a book written about six years ago titled “The Journey of a School Teacher” by Adenike Oladeji. I will like to share with my friends some aspects of this book to spur some of you on some of my teaching experiences. This will lead us to some discussion, questions  and interaction as you follow the story on my web site at www.adenikeoladeji.com.