….During this year, I did my best to teach these students and inculcate in them the desire to be somebody in life by working hard in their school work.  Those of special interest were the girls who could appear and disappear from school any time. Some of them had little or no ambition at all. They considered themselves as girls meant to marry and serve their husbands rather than attain Western education.

At the end of the NYSC year, the Principal was so satisfied with my contributions to the school that he wanted me to stay. But, I told him that I asked for only one year to stay in the North which I had completed, and therefore I had to go back to the South. We were hosted to a grand sent forth and prayers.

I must appreciate and acknowledge the special attention and protection God gave to me during this service year. In addition to the challenges involved in my primary assignment as a young teacher, taking my students’ through both theories and practical Agriculture, I made many journeys within and outside the State. First, during the orientation, I was elected the Assistant General Secretary of the Christian Corpers’ Fellowship, Kaduna State Chapter 1983/84 session. This made it mandatory for me to travel to different parts of the State and to as far as Katsina at least ones every month for executive meetings and sometimes State programs. Also, I came to the South about six times during this service year.

I remember my returning from one of such journeys at about 1.00am to meet my fellow brethren praying for me. It dawned on me that God had listened to the prayers of these ones to grant me safe journey. The bus I boarded from Ilorin to Kaduna had run on a high speed that kept us on edge. I had started praying within me, but before long the vehicle developed a problem that cut down its acceleration power. We had to stop twice as a result. During the last stop a Kombi bus overtook us. About two hours later we saw it again where it had become a wreck. It had a head-on collision with an oncoming car. There were lots of causalities.

Again there was heavy down pour, which slowed us down the more. Finally, we got to Kaduna by one o’clock in the morning.  I could not remember the name of the place I was going to, but I was able to describe it. The last person with me in the vehicle knew the place and he and the driver took me to that place dropped me after they were sure I could find my way (extract from Journey of a school teacher). Have you experienced God’s supernatural protection before, He still in the business of protecting those who love and serve Him. As a teacher, do you see a need for been dedicated to those we teach? Let me hear from your own side of story.