Marriage is a life-long relationship; sex brings momentary and less- lasting enjoyment especially when it is tasted outside marriage and commitment on the part of the boy.Take for example the drama  between Tamar and Amnon children of king David (2Sam 13:1-22). After Amnon defiled his half- sister, he hated her with as much the passion of his ‘love’ for her. Tamar lived a desolate life thereafter in her brother Absalom’s house.

What can we bring out of this story? -Your loss

Many men long for gratification and are ready to exploit your innocence.They’ll abandon you once they have satisfied their passion. You lose your virginity and can never regain it in this life.You will carry the shame alone all the days of your life.Those guys will play you around and seek for decent ladies who kept themselves.Unless God intervenes for you, you will be bitter and have bitterness in your heart for all men through out your life.You may be unlucky to become pregnant. give birth, and the boy you laid with is not ready to accept  responsibility. You find it difficult if not impossible to find the right suitor again.

What will you gain by waiting?

Your virginity is preserved and you have self respect and dignity. You’ll have a better chance of marrying decent young men after God’s heart. You’ll enjoy trust between you and the one you marry. You will enjoy good conscience and boldness to present your case to God. You are spared of the shame of unwanted pregnancy and of having a child with no authentic and responsible father. What joy for the one who waits and say No to SEX before marriage.