Every one needs to set priorities right in choosing between academic pursuits and getting married.

With my exposure to young girls and boys who just finished from secondary schools and are preparing for tertiary education, I have discovered that many of them are either confused or indecisive when it comes to setting their priorities right.

Or how else would you explain a girl who is should be preparing for examinations in a few months but would rather skip classes, sleep with boys who never take her serious and engage in all sorts of evasive activities instead of focusing on the purpose for which she was sent to school?

I am particularly concerned about the girls especially when I remember that if pregnancy comes up, as it often does, they are the most vulnerable.

It is painful that despite the huge amount of money paid by their parents through sweat and sacrifice, these girls are not ready to task their brains for spectacular performance. After all, once they get married, their husbands would do the thinking for them.

Unfortunately, some parents also feel obligated to aid these same girls to pass exams through dubious means. Not that it matters to them what they use the certificate to do,as long as the fiance brings enough tubers of yam to feed the whole clan.

Girls and boys what would be your main priority? Marriage is beautiful but not to be rushed. Education, even beyond what the school walls offer, should not be put off.

No matter what anybody helps you to do, you are and would always be responsible for what fate befalls you in the process of choosing between the two.

You can think and work on this aspect of your life and if need be,  seek for proper and personal counseling.

Your friend, Adenike Oladeji