The church that will thrive in this era, must network with other Churches and even the members of its community. Think of the health sector, the educational sector as well as the industrial sectors depend on personnel from the church whatever investment the church makes on its member will reflect in their dedication and commitment in their various places of involvement. The church as well depends on the various sectors for its infrastructures and material need.
The men and women that will meet the financial need of the church need employment or educational barking as well as healthy life. Therefore, the idea of strategic planning is also very important for the postmodern Church where there is no guaranty that what obtains today would stand tomorrow.
Benefits of Strategic Planning cannot be over emphasized, among many other benefits strategic planning may provide is the building of teamwork and expertise. All nonprofit organization like the church and Para-church organizations will benefit and prosper if they strategize on building teamwork and expertise. The non-profit organizations will be able to operate through cooperation with similar organizations as they develop on the know-how of their own peculiarity. This will reduce unnecessary competition and struggle to be like the next door- church since strategically each organization would have been exposed to and be guided by what makes them unique and how to achieve their own set goals. That is, their vision and mission statements (My Reflection on Bryson, John. (1988). Strategic Planning For Public and Non-Profit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement).