Nigeria-nation against its Youth? 

                   Nigeria was born on October 1, 1960. It was growing up as a youth-friendly nation having youth among its leadership team. However, time and tide dwindled and the youth were left behind in its affairs.                Those who started their leadership adventure as youth or young people continued to circulate and perpetuate themselves in office.

Instead of giving rooms for younger people with fresh ideas, they stayed put or replaced themselves with their wives, children or relatives whenever they are pleased to do so. Such attitude never and will not lead to appreciable development rather what can be termed at best as ‘in-breeding.’  This can be proverbially described as “Owu Iya gbon ni omo o ran” that is, a child will follow the footsteps of his mother or father. 

           Unfortunately, these set of leaders became insensitive to the need and aspirations of the people and the coming generations-The youth.  They became greedy and corrupt milking the treasury of the nation as though its their families’ inheritance.

Year in year out, no new things happened, no job creation for the teaming graduates, no good roads, no public safe water for drinking no electricity ect. Instead, killings, maiming, kidnapping, injustice became the order of the day.                                                                   

Yet, the nation is been dragged into huge debt for the generations unborn. Can we then say and or believe that Nigeria as a nation is against her youth?  The recent happenings in our dear nation are likely pointer to this line of thought.

When a nation goes to war against external enemy, it has the great advantage of mobilizing her best of soldiers using  her best artillery. As the war is fought with confidence, she has chances of wining the war.                    On the other hands, internal war could pose a greater danger and a colossal loss. The simple reason for this, lie in the parable of a home divided against itself which cannot stand. Unfortunately, this is what is facing us as a nation.                                                               

Youth have been suppressed and oppressed for so long. We their parents have surrendered leadership to  fate and have imbibed the custom of silence for so long. A proverb says ” Were sun, were sun, nigbati were ba sun kan ogiri, a bu ni je ni.” That means when a crazy person is pushed to the wall, he bites back. The youth have been drawn to the wall and the mayhem we are witnessing is the result.                                       

My Plea.   

          As a mother, a lover and friend of youth, an educator and a Servant of God, I plead that the Government act on the demands of young people Let there be an end to SARS, Provision of a living wage to workers in all sectors of the economy, Let our lives matter as citizens of Nigeria. Let Corruption be addressed in its entirety, let Police brutality ends,and let there be restructuring of our nation. 

        To our youth (children, brothers and sisters), I will appeal to you as a mother– I thank God for you and your courage so far in the struggle to redeem your future. I pray, you will live to see a better Nigeria. And I pray for the repose of the souls we have lost in this struggle. May their Souls rest in peace and the Lord comfort their families. 

           On another note, a proverb says “Ori bibe ko ni oogun ori fifo.” That is, you don’t cut off the head as a remedy for having headache. Please, give the Government the grace and opportunity to attend to your demands which they have promised. Give peace a chance and give yourselves needed leadership training for the role you are already playing and which you will still have to play in the future which may not be too far from now. 

              And lastly, don’t be a party to destruction of properties, Institutions or any Government or Private infrastructures. Doing that means destroying the better future you are hoping to build.

                                                  GOD BLESS NIGERIA AND BLESS HER YOUTH.                                                      ADENIKE OLADEJI (PhD R.E)