A few years ago, Nigeria was born. Was it by mistake or by act of God?  I never can say. Some white men determined it must be so and little by little, the nation Nigeria started her journey. Well i was not there hundred years ago when this happened; but i have been opportune to travel with this nation Nigeria for over fifty years now. I never determine to be a Nigerian or to be born into the home of a Nigerian, but i found my self to be. During those early years Nigeria was a nation to be desired to belong. Although born into the home of a farmer who was not so wealthy but had almost all things needed at his disposal. Then, we got every foodstuff you can think of from the farm fresh. Then we needed to buy only salt and some essential food stuff from the market and at a very insignificant cost. At a point during these years, some of us felt if the price of milk get to N10.00 as it was then in Ghana we will stop buying milk. Alas! today a tin of cheapest milk sells for  N120.00. Some of those fifty years, you can place your farm produce on the road with price tag and you come back later to count your blessings without a loss. Alas! today if you try that you will thank your stars if you come back to meet any of the produce talk less of the money for a purchase. Nigeria ah Nigeria!  I can still remember  the bumper harvest of Cocoa, Cola nuts, Groundnut, yam to mention a few. I remember the groundnut pyramids of the Northern Nigeria similar to the ancient Pyramids of Egypt. Even that of Cocoa on my father’s farm where harvesting took more than 5 hard working days for about ten men and women. Where are all these today? Well,  some of the ills that brought this woe on the nation was the discovery of petroleum which was suppose to be a blessing in addition to already buoyant Agricultural produce. However, many young and agile Nigerians abandoned the farm and migrate to urban centers in search of white collar jobs and consequently, the disappearance of the butties from the natures mine. Nigeria ah Nigeria!!. Those fifty years have some good things that can be identified but the gains of those good things are yet to reach the masses. We only hope that some day some how …?