I am Adenike Felicia Oladeji Rev.Dr Mrs. I was born to the family of Pa James Ogunremi and Madam Abigail Adenihun Afolayan in Iresi Boluwaduro Local Government Area of Osun State, on June 10 1959 as the story was told. I am a teacher by profession and by call.

I gave my life to Christ in Oct. 8, 1978 at Immanuel Baptist Church Sabo Oke Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria. I was baptized by immersion at Orita-Mefa Baptist Church Ibadan in 1980. I was born into a Baptist family where I was brought up religiously in Church attendance, worship and early Morning Prayer meetings.

As I grew up I discovered I still had many issues of sin I struggled with in my life as a Christian. And many questions why i was unable to help myself.

Then, at Baptist High school Ejigbo where I Schooled, I was influenced by the school fellowship organized by the Scripture Union. In 1975, I gave my life to Christ at a students’ camp organized by the Union at Ladigbolu Grammar School Oyo. However, I relapsed may be for lack of proper follow up due to change in school and my address.
At the end of my secondary education while I was awaiting WAEC result, I gave my life to Christ afresh in Oct.1978 at a service in Immanuel Baptist Church Sabo-Oke Ilorin. Just immediately after, I got admission to Ilorin Teachers College. There I joined the School chapel where I worshiped with fellow believers, I engaged myself in personal study of God’s words and in prayers.

After my one year course at the school, I went back to Ibadan and re united with my former Church at Orita mefa Baptist Church. There I continue to grow and fellowship with believers. I served in the choir and I grew with others in the Sunday school and Church training program. There I fellowship with the Gospel group which is a youth evangelical group in the church. I identified with the singing and drama arm where we had Bible study and prayers weekly and regular outreaches to villages around Ibadan through which many were converted and many Churches grew from the effort. Then I taught in a primary school for one year where children were impacted positively with Godly influence.
After, I entered the college of Education which is outside Ibadan, I worshiped in the interdenominational Church in the School and also in the campus fellowship. During this time, the fellowship organizes on regular basis campus and hostel evangelism, Outreaches to villages outside the School where I actively participated and to God’s glory many gave their lives to Christ and are still standing till date, many Churches began and the existing ones were strengthened.
At the campus fellowship, I became a member of the executive and I led the Choir till we passed out from the school. Then I joined a team of others to help in youths work in Scripture Union camps and conferences as volunteers.
After the three years NCE course, I was posted to Kaduna State for the one year compulsory service to our father land (NYSC). At the orientation camp I joined the Christian campus Fellowship, where we fellowship daily and are engaged in evangelism to fellow corps members, many gave their lives to Christ to the glory of God and we were all built up through Bible studies, worship, prayers and fellowship.

During the orientation, I was elected as the Assistant General Secretary of the Christian Coppers’ fellowship Kaduna state chapter1983/84 session. This made it mandatory for me to travel to different parts of the state as far as Katsina at least ones every month for executive meeting and sometimes State programs. We Christian coppers had our Community development (CD) together and we built two Churches one in the South and the other in Northern Kaduna. The villages were reached with the gospel as well as with clothing and food materials.

At the expiry of the NYSC, I came back to the South and I joined the teaching Service commission where I served as a class teacher for seven years before I got married. I got married in 1989 March and five years after, my husband entered into full time ministry with the Scripture Union Nigeria as the pioneer Missions Director just at the time I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in Integrated Science.

We were interviewed together by Scripture Union Nigeria in other to pledge my allegiance to work alongside him and support him in ministry. Since then I operated in tent making, influencing the youths at the secondary level and working part-time as mission Director assistant where I took care of the home front when he is away and actually followed him many instances to do grassroots work in different states of Nigeria where Scripture Union exists for missions to the hinterland.

In the Church where we identified with (Glory Tabernacle Ministry, Ibadan), before and after our travel to Kenya, I was an assistant and then a neighborhood pastor for two years.

I identified with the church youths as friend.With a team of other friends, we co- pastored the youths. I was involved in setting study guide for the youths, set them up for evangelism, monthly worship service and God helped us to nurture them for Christ.

At the end of five years, I traveled with my husband on study leave to Kenya, Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST) where I had my Master’s degree in Christian Education. That was between 2000 -2002. By the nature of Scripture Union work, we worshiped and fellowship with many Churches at different times or the other to create awareness for mission work.

In Kenya, I had my field ministry first with an orphanage called Nyumbani. It is a home for taken care of children of HIV and AIDS victims. Sometimes we wept over the loss of some of the children. And rejoiced with others who turned negative as a result of treatment and were adopted.
Weekly, I visited the home and I assisted in whatever work is in the home like washing their dishes, clean their environment, play, pray and shared the words of God with the children and those who were paid workers and other volunteers there.

Once I created awareness within our School campus (NEGST) to raise support for the home. My colleagues as well as our lecturers gave generously for the home. And a letter of appreciation was sent back to my School.

In 2001, I was among the team that went to Egypt on students’ mission. There, God proved Himself on our behalf as we each ministered daily in churches and in homes where we were invited for ministrations on specific personal or family issues. There were testimonies which were documented in the Schools Newsletter called the Drumbeat which I chaired in my final year 2002.

My second field ministry was done with the Sunday school department of Nairobi Baptist Church Ngong road, Nairobi. There, in addition to teaching Sunday school, we regularly visit a secondary School where we ministered to the children, fellowship with and pray for them. Some of them came closer to me, opened up their challenges which the Church was informed of and actions were taken.

We returned to Nigeria 2002 July, and we hardly settled down when it pleased God and his people to choose my husband to be the next General Director of Scripture Union Nigeria starting from 2004 January. By the time we came back, we had nearly settled that I will not go back to teaching for all evidences revealed I will proceed to serve in a full time capacity; but after many counsels, I had to continue the tent making. Again, we worked together under God for the next ten years to fill a gap God would have us fill to His glory. It entailed much travels. Many instances, I had to travel with him, more than the earlier period when I held the hospitality front.

However, by the year 2011,two years to his retirement, necessity was laid upon me and in obedience to the inner witness of the call of God,I decided to spend the rest of my service year on earth alongside him in the service of the Lord; I therefore, voluntarily retired from the Teaching Service of Oyo & Osun States, effect from 1st March 2011 at the age of 51 years+. This enabled me to pursue my PhD Theological training on full time basis at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary Ogbomoso.

Home life and Ministry- God blessed my marriage with two sons and two daughters. By his grace they are doing fine in the Lord. We have our challenges but our God is always in control. One of the ways challenges are faced and tackled is our usual yearly family retreat to discuss and iron out who we are and God’s hands upon us as a family.

Following is the outcome of one of such meetings held on January 2nd, 2014.
 Secondary after- retirement work… SVM2?
 What are the PRIMARY after- retirement works?
 What is our family vision and mission statement?
a. What do we consider as our family values?

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Industrialization/ innovation/Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Caring
  • Trust
    b. Our vision; image/ description of the family we aspire to become.
  • A self- reliant family
  • Motivated family, especially for family
  • Happy family
  • A family where needs are met adequately.
    Vision Statement: A God-reliant family; motivated and
    happy family; a family where members’ needs are met

c. Our mission; the purpose of the family; what we exist for; targets of family efforts.

  • Mutually helping one another to achieve individual’s dreams
  • We exist to ensure that future generations are better off, in all ramifications, than the past generations. (Making sure that every decision made today is for the greater benefit of the next generation.)

Mission Statement: Mutually helping one another to achieve individual’s dreams; to ensure that future generations are better off in all ramifications than the previous generations.
d. Target audience; who do we serve?

  • God
  • Family members
  • God’s people
    e. What services do we provide and how do we go about providing them?
  • Daddy: mentoring (helping to achieve), resourcing.
  • Mummy: enrichment and communication (ensuring that family meetings hold).
  • Dave: using computer skills to assist family members, e.g. helping with computer/ internet activities.
  • Joe: using driving skills to aid movement, being there to clarify
    confusions, helping members to achieve dreams.
  • Eunice: mediator in times of conflict, assistant mummy
  • Deborah: simplifying complex issues.

Summary of Ministry for Adenike Oladeji Rev. Dr. Mrs
Training/service Exposure with Certificates:

Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Education and Church Administration (PhD) Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso (NBTS 2016). Master of Arts in Christian Education (MA Art) Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST 2002).
Certificate of Commitment Glory Tabernacle Ministry (Christian Leadership Training School (CLTS, 1996).
Certificate of Participation Scripture Union Youth Missionary Training 1997
Certificate of appreciation in recognition of the services rendered to the NEGST student community as member- Newsletter committee (29th June 2001). Chairman 2002.
Graduate Teacher Diploma of the Evangelical Training Association, Nairobi chapter ( July 2002).
Certificate of Participation Four- day Intensive Training Workshop on Excellent Spiritual Leadership By Missionary Training Partners International (MPTI) 2007
Certificate of Participation in The Leadership Seminar Organized by MPTI in Partnership with Nigeria Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, July 2008

Volunteer experience/Services Rendered

1980 –‘97 Voluntary worker with Scripture Union of Nigeria.

1997-till date A youth missionary- Non-stipendiary staff of Scripture Union Nigeria.
Choir member Orita-mefa Baptist Church 1979-1980. Assist. Gen Sec. Kaduna state Christian Coppers (1983-84) session. Group Treasurer, SU Nig. Osogbo group(1986-1989) Group children Leader SU, Nig Ayetoro group, Osogbo (1987-1989) Group Sister Co-ordinator SU, Sango group, Ibadan (1995-1997) Zonal sister Corodinator, SU Nig. Ibadan North Zone (1997-1999)
Choir Member Grace Bible Mission Oke Onitii Osogbo 1989-1994.
Assistant Neighborhood Pastor Glory Tabernacle Ministry Ibadan Nigeria (1997-98).
Neighborhood pastor Glory Tabernacle Ministry, Ibadan Nigeria (1999-2000).
Youths’ friend Glory Tabernacle Ministry- (2004-2013).
Chairman Global Transformation Ministry (2008 –date). Co-Pastor Latter Glory Baptist Mission Church, Adunni, Ogbomoso (2015-2016) session.

Part-time lecturing at Ibadan Anglican Bible School 2004-2008. Visiting Lecturer Christian Theological Seminary, Olaogun Ibadan 2016-Date. Former Lecturer Osun State Intervention Program 2018-2019.

From the above and many others unwritten, I see my
Life Statement as:
Teach, develop, and counsel to influence life for ever and for the kingdom of God.
Vision statement:
“Children, youths and adults nurtured to Christian maturity, following Jesus and transforming families and the society for God’s kingdom.”
My Mission Statement: “To teach children, young people and families, nurturing them through Bible education, counseling, prayer and good literature, to become committed Christians of influence”. By God’s grace, the Joyous Innovation Sixty seven Platform which I Co-founded, will serve as an avenue to disseminate God’s investment in my life to reach the body of Christ by His grace.

Current vocational context (inclusive of “ministry” perspective)
Since the completion of my PhD program, I have been serving God in my current local church Grace Bible Mission, Iludun branch, Osogbo and in research in issues affecting the body of Christ and by His grace more relevant books will be produced both in hard copies and e-books.

I also engages myself with mobilizing prayers for youth with my prayer partners, I co-ordinates weekly prayer mobilization for children, youths, young adults and families. I prepare seminars and workshop papers for youths and families to share with Churches and organizations on invitations alone or with my husband. I believe in and I am propelled by the motto of my former Church Orita-Mefa Baptist church which is “Enter to worship depart to serve.” Thank you for reading.