Meaningfulness and Learning:
It is easier for us to learn meaningful material and it is retained longer than material the learner judge to be meaningless. For example a learner will easily learn and remember his birthday which is four digit letters than the year the peace of Westphalia was signed (1648). Similarly it is easier for us to remember “God is Love” than “Ho theos agape estin” (the original Greek). In other words, meaningfulness affects learning, understanding and recall.
The term meaningfulness refers to texts, lessons, and experiences the student judged to be significantly life-related. Educators should therefore note that it is the responsibility of each student to determine whether a subject is meaningful or not. That implies that there is no single subject that may be significantly life-related to all learners. While the teacher should endeavour to make a subject attractive, he should leave the responsibility for learning to student. Secondly, educators must know that MEANINGFUL LEARNING does not necessarily mean LEARNING MEANINGFUL MATERIAL. A meaningful material i.e the Bible has some sort of objective value. However it may be learnt in rote or meaningless way. Well motivated student can and have learnt the Bible as rote without having come to the meaning or implications of the portion so read. It is the student not the source of the material that judges a subject to be life-related therefore, the educator must not confuse MEANINGFUL LEARNING with LEARNING MEANINGFUL MATERIAL. Related to this is the fact that if a student judges a subject to be life-related, he readily understands such subject. Three things that mark meaningful learning are one- the student understands the individual parts and sees the big picture. Secondly, they perceive the significance and importance of the material. Thirdly, they relate the new material to their previous knowledge. Results of studies have shown that meaningful instruction can easily be transferred to new situations (Brownell and Moser 1994, Cronbach 1963, 342). Are you a student? concentrate on lessons or subjects that are MEANINGFUL AND LIFE-RELATED  to your aspirations and less on distractions.