The world is becoming crazy and more questionable about its definition of husband and wife. Apart from God’s original intention, we hear of man marrying man (Gay), woman marrying woman (Lesbians). Not only that we hear of man marrying his dog, or cat or dolly etc. Also, you have to look twice today to know whether someone you are talking to is really a man or a woman. Many years ago, it was not like this.Where are we really heading to? Who is wrong, God or man?  Therefore, to define who is a male or a female in the original sense of God’s creation is essential to our discussion of this topic. Being a male is to mean someone born as a man with primary male characteristics and continues as such progresses to development of secondary characteristics. And to be a female mean to be born as a woman with primary characteristics of a female child; and without altering these characteristics as growth progresses. And similarly, to be husband and wife mean the joining together in holy matrimony of a male and a female as originally created by God.

To the youth,  which side would you belong? Like it or not, God has a standard. And He would so much desire you remain original. Male and female created he them (Gen.1:27). Moreover, you are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. do you care what happens to the image of God in you? Sins destroy God’s image in man, it brought in dissatisfaction,  separation, fear and shame to the fellowship between God and man. Do not be deceived, evil communications corrupt good manners. Youth from a Godly home, with Godly upbringing, who knows and acknowledge God’s work of redemption must be careful of the group of friends  he/she associates with. You must hold fast to what you believe according to God’s words. Leaning not upon your own understanding but holding on to God’s commands would prevent you from falling into wrong groups and clinging to God as the only right one in all of life and doctrine.You can then decide to always be on the Lord’s side to bring others to God’s knowledge.Then you’ll be blessed (Psalm1:1-3).