Sermon In a church on  01-05-2016
Text: Psalm 126:5-6
There is similarity and contrast in time of sowing and reaping. The two are similar in that without a sowing; there can be no reaping or harvesting. They are different in that sowing is associated with intense labour, without a guaranteed assurance of what will come forth- profit or a loss; whereas, reaping or harvesting brings with it joyous labour for bringing in the abundance of the fruit sown. It is an assurance of gathering in all that has been laboured for during sowing.
What is Hope?
Hope has a relationship with faith. (Heb 11:1) says “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hope is looking forward to something ahead. Meaning that a shower or business man looks forward to a time of reaping what has been invested.
What is Joy of reaping?
Joy of reaping implied the happiness that we enjoyed when we are engaged in gathering together the fruit that has been sown. Time of harvesting is usually a time of joy for the reapers. As they gather the fruit, one can sense a hidden joy as they joyfully go about their duties with different songs, whistling and appreciation. The reasons for this are i. he is witnessing the fruit of his hands. ii. there is no more fear of uncertainty and waste associated with planting. iii. There is assurance of profit for the time of discipline associated with weeping.
Is it possible to reap without sowing?
It is impossible to reap without sowing. Meaning that, we need to work, and toil over our seed if it must germinate and bring forth fruit for harvesting. Eleyi tumo si wipe a nilo lati sise. It is deception to think we need not to work but to have bumper harvest. James 2:25 says … faith without work is dead. Work is a blessing not a curse. We all are working or have worked one time or the other.
Example of People called in the Bible were Workers
Those people called by God were engaged and busy people. They were not lazy people, they were capable. Some of these are: Moses who was caring for the flock of his father in-law (Exo 3); Gideon was cutting wheat (Jud. 6); Deborah was a prophetess, a mother and a wife (jud.4). David was a shepherd (1Sam.16); Nehemiah was king attendant (Neh.1); Peter, Andrew, James and John were fisher men (Lk.5:1-11); Matthew was a tax collector (Matt.9:9).

What are various Types of sowing?
a. Physical Sowing
Similar to a farmer, we sow crops or seeds, as businessman buys wares, or we make use of our possessions as means of trading e.g. houses built for rent age, land, Cars and buses for transport business etc. All these are forms of physical sowing with expectation for a return inform of reaping or harvesting.
b. Spiritual Sowing
Evangelism. counseling, commitment to prayer life, fellowship in church and at neighbourhood (Heb. 10:25), engagement as pastor, prophet, evangelist, teacher etc. As believers we must not be satisfied with sowing physical seed only, we must be concerned with sowing spiritual seeds. This does not mean all of us must become dependent on the church for our daily bread but we all must endeavour to show others the way and encourage them to be saved. We must be involved in spreading the gospel of the kingdom of God.
What are problems associated with sowing?
As (Ps. 126:1, 5) reveals, the returnee from exile had problem of draught (Hag.1:9-11). For this reason, the sower must have likely run out of wheat for the family, this may bring about weeping and sadness in sowing. The uncertainty about bumper harvest on abandoned land may be a reason for weeping while sowing, for a soul winner, stubborn and nonchalant attitude of the unbeliever may be a source of weeping, closed doors against the gospel due to government rules and sanctions could bring weeping for a soul winner. However, God’s promise for joyous reaping is dependent on our obedience to God’s commands. The hope of the sower in vs.5 & 6 is that God’s blessing is ahead when he would rejoice in reaping abundantly.
Features of Joyous Reaping
Joyous reaping may be sudden and unprepared for, it may be as a surprise as it was for the Israelites, their release made them ecstatic that is over joyous, delighted and thrilled ( vs 1-3) of Ps. 126, It may come with patient toiling and weeping in sowing ( v.4; James 5:7; Lk 11:1-9). this led them into laughter and singing because of their restoration from slavery their situation changed from what their experience of suffering was in Babylon where they were unable to sing even when their enemies taunted them to do so (Ps.137:1-4).
There may be problems associated with sowing, there may be toiling and weeping, there is hope in God that brings joyous reaping and gathering. This must give the sower encouragement to be patient, persevere and endure all. God’s blessing goes with joy and laughter, it rejoices the heart and bring opportunity for the enemy to bow for the God we serve. The Scripture assures us that all fruit sown with tears we shall reap if we do not faint (Gal 6:9)-Adenike Oladeji Rev. Dr (Mrs)