Skill acquisition, has a lot of importance and gain for whosoever is so trained. It is the art

of training someone to become confident in a particular trade. Many youths roam the street

during holiday or after graduation doing nothing. yet they never think it fit to do something

with the skills they have. I was very thrilled earlier today to see a young guy of about 13 years

of age coming around our office to submit his form for skills acquisition. He is in Junior

Secondary School 2 (JSS2)but on holiday. He was so enthusiastic for his choice Fashion and

Stitches. On inquiry I found out that he is interested in learning both male and female’s outfits.

By getting education and been trained in your skills of interest, is a double advantage,

More advantages of skills acquisition are 1. It rids you of pressure to be engaged in corruption.

you become employer of labour and not job seeker. 2. As you improve on your skills, it helps

you become a strong leader. 3.Decision making would become part of your role as a employer

You will therefore , need to acquire the skill of being decisive.

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