To be a youth is a factor of time and chance. We have been youth sometime ago, you are a youth today, someone else would become youth tomorrow or thereafter. After age 12 and thereafter, you find it difficult learning how to read and write. Then you move to other level of thinking and acting. The only way you would not regret your youthful period is to make sure you put into every minutes or seconds that make up your youthful period something to put in store. Only a focused youth would be happy tomorrow when they reflect on the period of been a youth.  Following are words synonymous to focus -attention, concentration, single-mindedness. Since a youthful time is a time to build up yourself physically, emotionally, academically, and even spiritually, a well focused youth would shun every form of distraction that would cause him/her to derail and will squarely face life’s project that are time -bound. To be single-minded is not to put two sticks in the fire at the same time. As a youth, you are better of to face your academics, set goals for your self on completion of your studies and getting into a job than rushing your self up for marriage. Concentrate on adding value to your self especially female youth. The more valuable you are, the more matured you become and the more the ability for you to face family demands and responsibilities attached to getting married. Youthful period is a time to love God and serve Him. I remember my youthful days, I was very much free. I had time for fellowship, church activities and what made me happy. The key of my room was always in my bag, I had time to attend my friends marriages, birthdays occasionally without anybody challenging me for doing so especially when I had started work. Young man/lady Eccl 12:1ff says remember now your creator …. in the days of your youth. Be focused my friends and you will be an achiever.