Learning to live right is the responsibility of every individual-be you a male or female, young or old, poor or wealthy. If you so determine, you can create a world of difference around yourself and make life suitable to your own taste. And indeed, it is less costly to live in a clean environment than in a shabby one. Somebody shared one day that it takes some steps for one to become insane, insanity starts with someone who decides its no big deal if ‘i refuse to comb my hair’. Next he/she thinks ‘ i don’t need to shower today after all who cares about me’? The next he feels it is not even needful to put on a clean dress after all not everybody does’. Such a person will likely end up naked on the street one day as unkempt as a mad person already on the street for a decade. Learning to live right therefore starts with not taken any opportunity to right a wrong for granted. Seeing yourself responsible for yourself, leads to better consideration for the right of others around you including your immediate environment. Creating a world of difference comes from your being sensitive to what is the in-thing that is not worthy of emulation; for instance littering the environment with dirt such as pieces of paper, sachets from processed   food or drink items etc. You as an individual and every other person must be ready to contribute in some ways to check this menace from our environment starting from our homes.Have you observed such gory site that have become more or less part of our environment? How can we make our environment look better especially during a religious program or an event?