Developing positive self-esteem enables children grow up and be happy, responsible, and contributing adults.

Building self-esteem in children is an important assignment for all adults. Positive comments help boost children’s morale while negative comments are detrimental to their morale. When children’s morale are boosted, they have good feelings about, and confident of, themselves. They can resist negative influences better in life. According to experts, some ways to help build self-esteem in children include praising them (of course, not excessively) when they do well, allowing them to take some healthy risks and not over-protect them, allowing them to make choices relevant to their age, as well as giving them opportunities to contribute to the home.

In it all, building self-confidence in children entails letting them know they are valuable and their contributions are appreciated. How are you building up your children? Remember  words do build up and words as well tear down. Children that would weather through, successfully the storms of life’s negativity need adequate support from the adult world especially from their parents.