For sometimes now I noticed simple but grievous mistakes with many young people in answering questions posed to them. I wonder what was the real problem with children in answering simple questions. This may not necessarily be a grammatical error but I think its error of understanding.

For instance, if I ask a guy “what happened to your shoe? Answer: I did not take it to repairer. Possible better response i needed would have been “It got torned on the way” or it got soaked in water on my way to the school. Another simple question : Who gave you those oranges? Answer: I have only four oranges. Possible answer i expect is Mrs /Mr/ my friend etc gave me the oranges. I have observed this gap with so many young people around that I kept on thinking and reflecting, what has gone wrong? can we link this to school or home error? How can we consciously address this issue and bring about solution? Really, the English teacher, alas all other teachers have a big role to play here. Thank you.