About Me

A Christian Educator, Youth Worker, Researcher and a Writer. I retired from teaching since 2012, after 25 years of meritorious service. In those years I have mentored and trained young adults, teenagers and students from all over Nigeria. My work as an an evangelist only became a bigger part of my personality when I decided to take on a study at the Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomosho. My research into the relationship between the youth in the church and her leaders have been enlightening. The burden to bridge the leadership gap between young people and the older generation has been on the increase.This would be an avenue for me to share my stories, to teach and counsel those who would find me on this platform. It is the 21st Century and the fields are ripe for harvest, if I will not be a labourer then who would be. My dream is to build an educational center founded on the precepts of the word of God, till that dream happens, I will give all I can to those who visit this webpage. This is about transformation, it is not limited to spiritual issues. Topical issues, growth, challenges, relationship and marital conflicts would be addressed. I also seek to inspire youths towards living more productive lifestyles and contributing to the greatness of Nigeria and the word at large.