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I have a faithful father, He cares so much about me that He can’t withstand not hearing my voice  or not speaking to me any day. I talked with Him this morning and He spoke to me. He assured me His hands are upon me with the purpose of showing me His awesome glory. DADDY am I available? Open my eyes and make my ears attentive to you. CAN I BE YOUR MOUTH PIECE?  Am I trust worthy enough? Can you depend on me? will i not disappoint you? Only your love can sustain me. Only your power can uphold me. I have a FAITHFUL FATHER, whose love super-cedes all my weaknesses. His love is ever real and new every morning. I am grateful for this love for which is not a right but a privilege. I can never thank you enough though i have thousands of tongues.Thaaaaaaaaaaaaak You for having confidence in me and for your love for me.