1. “A rapidly increasing number of congregations serve their local communities in ways that involve

building personal relationships—and it attracts positive attention. Many pastors deliberately work to

understand the needs of those who live close by and then position their people to extend their hands,

words, and smiles—not simply their wallets. Our organization works with nearly 1,200 churches who

mentor at-risk public school children, and a healthy 90 percent of those congregations go beyond the

program to serve families, teachers, and the broader school community. In other words, when aware

of real needs, churches do a great job being the church to people in need.

And those closest to the action—public schools—definitely notice. Because of the tremendous work and

life change attributed to these programs offered by churches, we have requests from an additional 2,300+ schools

who want church partners. More get added to this list every month. As churches learn of this opportunity

to display a radical and selfless love, like 50 United Methodist pastors recently did in Nashville, greater

numbers respond every year.”