2. Passion for spiritual formation in attendees continues to rise. Yes, this topic attracts critics like a streetlamp attracts mosquitoes. I’m not sure why. Many pastors today earnestly seek ways to lead their people, and themselves, into deeper relationships with God. At the same time, individual parishioners’ appetites drive deep hunger for spiritual formation. While methods get debated, the right motive seems to be in place. I believe this is, in part, a result of the first point. Why? Hearts beat fast and strong for God when someone serves others in His name—creating a desire to know Him more. This is a tough point to criticize (but many still will).
3. The Bible remains at the center of churches. While the interpretation of passages varies, sometimes to a contrasting degree, everyone still seems to agree on the overall centrality of the Bible. Funny, the only person who doesn’t interpret a book—who knows exactly what was meant—is the author. Every reader interprets. That’s the rub; people interpret the Bible differently. We’ll find out the real answers in heaven. Until then, though, is it possible to believe in a church’s best intentions?