Tailored content for youths and counselors.
A journey towards Growth, Christian faith and Capacity Development.
Build and Nurture
For healthy relationships, here you can find a listening ear and support.
Learning Tools
With some help, your youth could do better at school. Teaching is a craft.
A lot of people think that it is love, warm fuzzy feelings and enjoyment forever. Not many think of the challenges and responsibilities entrenched in making a marriage a success.
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The most important relationship of man that influenced all others is between man and his creator-God and until every man and woman find their place back to God through repentance, all other relationships may not be a lasting and enjoyable one.
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Selfishness is not limited to only being possessive of the basic needs of food, drink, clothing and shelter, it can also be exhibited in terms of how you view and attend to the needs and concerns of others.
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Fun, loud, colorful, and cyclical, she designed to help and support the general public who are searching for professional help at a time in their lives when they may be at their most vulnerable and need help from reputable, professional and well qualified trainer and counsellors. With over 25 years of teaching, in-depth theological training at Doctoral degree level and a vast experience in youth counselling.

Call or message in for a session. All your questions would be patiently resolved with all confidentiality.
We are open to speaking engagements at school events, church and youth camps or training.
We train teachers, youth leaders, counsellors and educators on best practices and teaching skills.


Momma, you make so much sense here… Bless you Ma’am
Mimi Okwara

Mimi Okwara

Gospel Singer

Thanks mma let God bless you for the insight

Ubokobong Akpan

The instructions have helped me even as a son. From life skills to faith and personality development, your wisdom and counsel are practical.



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